Commission Meeting Agenda Item

Agenda Item

Consideration of Stipulation Agreement with Christi Wright for property located 203 Ann Street


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Staff recommends approval of the of the attached Stipulation Agreement for property located at 203 Ann Street. The agreement proposes a release of lien for the following Code Enforcement cases: Case Number 05-374, Case Number 05-04-003a, Case Number 06-415, Case Number 09-1946, Case Number 10-2516, Case Number 11-3204, Case Number 12-3622, Case Number 12-3874, Case Number 13-4383, Case Number 14-4860, Case Number 15-5696, Case Number 16-6107, Case Number 17-6490 and Case Number 18-6844 for violations of Town of Lady Lake Code of Ordinances Chapter 7, Section 7-67, Section 7-46, Chapter 8, Section 8-26, Chapter 20, Section 20(a)(4), and Land Development Regulations Chapter 16.


The subject property is a vacant lot. Since 2005, it has been cited fourteen times. There are three liens and eleven abatement liens on the property.

In 2005 and 2006, three Code Enforcement cases were opened for the violation of Residential Property Damaged (burned), Business Tax Receipt Required, and Building Permit Required. These were Case Numbers 05-374, 05-04-003a and 06-415. In these instances, the property owner at the time was non-responsive to Code Enforcement efforts to gain compliance. Ultimately, the property remained non-compliant and three liens were recorded the Lake County Clerk of Courts Official Records.

Subsequently, eleven additional code enforcement cases were opened as abatements. In the instance of Code Enforcement Case Numbers 09-1946, 10-2516, 11-3204, 12-3622, 12-3874, 13-4383, 14-4860, 15-5696, 16-6107, 17-6490 and 18-6844, abatements were completed due to the property owner being non-responsive to Code Enforcement efforts to gain compliance. In all of these cases, the property was cited for violation of Town of Lady Lake Ordinances Chapter 7-67 High grass/trash. Following the proper channels of the abatement process, the Town contracted a third-party company to cut the grass and/or remove trash in order to bring the property into compliance. Proper notification was provided to the current owner of record as per Florida Statute 162. Ultimately, eleven abatement invoices were not paid, and were recorded as liens in the Lake County Clerk of Courts Official Records.

The current property owner is Jeffrey Hankins. Mr. Hankins has been the owner of record on this property since 1998. The property record card indicates his address as the subject property. However, this is currently a vacant lot. All efforts to reach Mr. Hankins or any responsible party have been futile.

A site inspection was conducted on November 15, 2018. The property was found to be compliant on that date after completion of a recent abatement.

The total for all three liens on this property as of today’s date is $442, 187. The total for all eleven abatements on this property are $3,564. The hard costs incurred by the Town for these abatements are $1,175.

The assessed value of this property is $8,555 per the Lake County Tax Collector’s Office.

It is staff’s recommendation that the accrued liens for the above-detailed cases, which total $445,751, be reduced or abated to $2,139, which is equal to 25% of the property value, due and payable in 30 days following the action of the Town Commission. The settlement amount will cover the hard costs incurred by the Town in the amount of $1,175.

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