Commission Meeting Agenda Item

Agenda Item

Consideration for the Lady Lake Police Department to Reclassify Both Captains Positions



Staff recommends approval of the job classification title changes.


The organizational structure of the Lady Lake Police Department currently has two full time Administrative positions at the rank of Captain. Both Captains operate in a command level position. The Operations Bureau Captain takes on more responsibility from a patrol standpoint and is second in command to the Chief of Police. Additionally, the Records Division and Property and Evidence Division will now be under the direct command of the Operations Captain. The Administrative Bureau Captain is responsible for the internal functions and other support services such as accreditation, recruitment, training, equipment, special projects, etc.

The proposed restructuring would be to reclassify the rank of Operations Bureau Captain to Deputy Chief of Patrol. This will also provide a direct line of supervision under the Chief of Police and would be more beneficial for this position to assume command of the Lady Lake Police Department in the absence of the Chief of Police.

The Administrative Bureau Captain will be reclassified as the Administrative Bureau Lieutenant. Eliminating the rank of Captain will have no effect as the Chief of Police will have the Deputy Chief of Patrol under his command. The support services function should be under the control of a Lieutenant. This request is for a title change only and will have no fiscal impact.

Fiscal Impact

There is no fiscal impact.

Funding Account

Not applicable.