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Conceptual presentation for the commercial portion of property of the Hammock Oaks development, being approximately 20.55 acres, located at the southeast corner of Highway 466 and Cherry Lake Road.

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Growth Management

Staff will advance the proposal as recommended by the Town Commission.


On February 23, 2022, the Town Commission adopted Ordinance 2021-25 establishing zoning entitlements for property being approximately 421 acres as a Planned Unit Development (PUD). The PUD allows a number of uses, including single family detached units, single family attached units, two family (duplex) units, multi-family units and neighborhood recreation facilities, and various commercial uses. The commercial uses which are allowed include:

  • Offices
  • Personal services
  • Laundry and dry-cleaning retail stores
  • Day care centers
  • Convenience stores with or without fuel operations, as long as they are not located at corner of Cherry Lake and 466**
  • Adult congregate living facilities/skilled nursing
  • Clubs, lodges, and fraternal organizations
  • Financial services
  • Office supplies
  • Retail sales and services
  • Business services
  • Office complex
  • Medical Offices/clinics
  • Office condominiums
  • Martial arts studios
  • Restaurants
  • Fast food restaurants
  • Banks
  • Commercial recreation facilities
  • Health/exercise clubs
  • Veterinary clinics
  • Religious facilities
  • Hotel

The development has since been named “Hammock Oaks” and the developers have submitted preliminary plat plans for the initial phases of the project. In addition, the Town Commission has been presented conceptual development plans for the multi-family portion of the development.

At this time, the developer is ready to present the conceptual plan for the commercial component of the project, being approximately 20.55 acres located at the northwest corner of the development, south of Highway 466 and east of Cherry Lake Road. Although the tenants have not been named to occupy the buildings depicted, the plan calls for seven buildings, on  six parcels, totaling 103,572 square feet. The proposed occupants include a grocery store, two restaurants, a bank, and three retail establishments. A fuel station is also  proposed on the plan. Building elevations have not been included with the proposal, nor has a detailed landscaping plan. Therefore, at present growth management staff are unable to assess if any waivers or variances will be required as part of the site plan applications.

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