Commission Meeting Agenda Item

Agenda Item

Consideration of Stipulation Agreement with Marvin O. Smallwood for property located at 258 North Clay Avenue


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Staff recommends approval of the of the attached Stipulation Agreement for property located at 258 N. Clay Avenue which proposes a release of lien for Code Enforcement Case Number 08-1213, Case Number 10-2273, Case Number 13-4383 and Case Number 14-5168 for Violations of Town of Lady Lake Code of Ordinances Chapter 7, Section 7-67 (High grass); Chapter 20,  Section 20-20(a)(1) (Exterior Property Maintenance), Section 20-21(a)  (Unsafe dwelling- unguarded doors or windows), Section 20-51(b) (Maintenance of Exterior- danger) and Section 20-52 (Appearance of Exterior- blight).


The subject property is currently an unimproved vacant lot.  At the time in which it was cited there were multiple structures present.  In 2016, all of the structures on the property were demolished by the current owners. There are four liens remaining on the property.

In 2008 and 2010, Code Enforcement cases were opened for the violations of The Town of Lady Lake Code of Ordinances 20-20(a)(1) and Chapter 7-67.  In 2013 an additional Code Enforcement case was opened for the violation of The Town of Lady Lake Code of Ordinances Chapter 20-21(a) and Chapter 7-67.  In 2014 a fourth Code Enforcement case was opened for the violation of The Town of Lady Lake Code of Ordinances Chapter 20-52, Chapter 20-51(b) and Chapter 7-67.   In each of these instances, the property owner at the time was non-responsive to Code Enforcement efforts to gain compliance. Ultimately, the property remained non-compliant and four liens were recorded in the Lake County Clerk of Courts Official Records.

This property has changed hands four times since the initial Code Enforcement case filing in 2008. The property owner at the time of the 2008 and 2010 violations was Evelyn Woodberry.  The property owner during the 2013 and 2014 cases was Spoo, Inc.  No new cases have been opened under the ownership of the current property owners, Dwight and Donna Carter.

A site inspection was of the property was conducted on April 8, 2019. It was determined to be compliant as a vacant lot in its natural state.

Collectively the liens on this property are accruing at a rate of $700 per day. The total for all four liens as of today’s date is $1,783,198.

The assessed value of this property is $11,794 per the Lake County Tax Collector’s Office.

It is staff’s recommendation that the accrued liens for the above-detailed cases, be reduced or abated to $2,948.50 which is equal to 25% of the property value, due and payable in 30 days following the action of the Town Commission.

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