Commission Meeting Agenda Item

Agenda Item

Consideration of Moving Funds from Budgeted Other Government Service (OGS) Contingency Fund to OGS Capital Items for the Replacement of One Air Conditioning (AC) Unit at Town Hall



Approval to move funds from the OGS Contingency Fund to OGS Capital Items for the replacement of one AC Unit at Town Hall.


As a part of an annual AC unit replacement plan (including ten-year warranties), two units are budgeted for replacement as needed each year for each of the buildings. Currently one AC unit serving Town Hall administration is failing and two units serving the Police Department are failing, totaling three units needing to be replaced at a cost of $34,633. The budget currently includes $30,000 in OGS for AC units.

Past Actions

Budgeted Contingency Funds have been approved in the past for unexpected expenses such as extra costs for Safe Routes to Schools, storage racks for Growth Management, remodeling the library and AC unit replacement.

Fiscal Impact

$4,633 with no increase to the budget.

Funding Account