Commission Meeting Agenda Item

Agenda Item

Consideration of Approval of the Appointment of Three Members and Two Alternate Members to the Disciplinary Arbitration Panel; to Include Terms for These Appointments


Human Resources

Staff recommends approval of the appointment of three members and two alternate members to the Disciplinary Arbitration Panel, and terms for these appointments, as recommended by the Police Benevolent Association, as follows:

Mr. Robert E. Nyce — appointment for one year

Mr. James Johnson — appointment for two years

Mr. Charles Greco — appointment for three years


Mr. Frank Frontario

Mr. Richard Griffith


On May 6th, the Town Commission discussed the Police Benevolent Association’s (PBA) recommendations for the Disciplinary Arbitration Panel. Upon discussion, the Commission made the above referenced recommendations including Ms. Jean Oliver-White as an alternate instead of Mr. Richard Griffith. The PBA informed the Town that Ms. White is not acceptable and proposed Mr. Richard Griffith as an alternate. The PBA also advised that Mr. Nyce is acceptable as a panelist as well as Mr. Johnson and Mr. Greco, with Mr. Frontario as the first alternate.

The Police Benevolent Association (PBA) asked to review these applications and then conducted informal interviews on two separate occasions with those they felt best met the criteria for this panel. The criteria included experience in labor relations, human resources, personnel management, or similar related experience.

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