Commission Meeting Agenda Item

Agenda Item

Consideration of Approval to Request an Amendment to the Utility Relocation Agreement with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) to Include Installing Fiber Optic Conduit Concurrent with the Upcoming US 27/441 Road Widening Project


Information Technology and Town Manager

Approval to authorize the Town Manager to request an amendment to the agreements related to the road widening project with FDOT and Metric Engineering to include the installation of fiber optic conduit.


Staff recently met with FDOT representatives regarding our interest in installing fiber optic conduit concurrent with the utility relocation effort for the upcoming US 27/441 road widening project. As a part of the construction process, underground utilities will need to be relocated to accommodate the new widened roadway. This is also an ideal time to install fiber conduit for a future municipal wide area network.

Staff is recommending utilizing the FDOT contractor to perform the conduit construction work to reduce unit rates and mobilization costs and to avoid any project delays. The initial estimated cost of $550,000 is a non-binding estimate, the final cost will be determined after additional engineering is performed. The $550,000 estimated cost is based on an FDOT table of six-month moving averages and was provided by the FDOT contractor. The estimated costs include approximately 26,700 feet of buried fiber optic conduit, and approximately 37 concrete pull and splice boxes. Open trench installation was estimated at $8.37 per foot and directional bore installation at $23.00 per foot. A 10% materials contingency and a $49,534 estimated design fee is included.

A fiber optic conduit design agreement will be presented to the Town Commission for consideration at the next Commission meeting.

The amended utility relocation agreement will be presented to Town Commission for consideration at a later date along with any other related contractual documents.

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