Commission Meeting Agenda Item

Agenda Item

Consideration of Approval to Give Permission to the Lady Lake Driving Range to Construct Another Sidewalk and Additional Walking Area by the Tees for the Purpose of Assisting Disabled Players


Parks and Recreation

Approval to give permission to the Lady Lake Driving Range to construct another sidewalk and additional walking area by the tees for the purpose of assisting disabled players.


The Lady Lake Driving Range would like to construct another sidewalk to the tees and add to the width of the tees for the purpose of  assisting patrons with disabilities. The proposed sidewalk will go from the parking lot to the tee berm and will meet A.D.A. guidelines. The recommendations of the Parks, Recreation and Tree Advisory Committee will be reported at this meeting.

Fiscal Impact

Not applicable. The Driving Range will be paying for this.

Funding Account

Not applicable.