Commission Meeting Agenda Item

Agenda Item

Consideration of Approval of a Request from the Parks and Recreation Department to Remove Three Trees at Log Cabin Park


Parks and Recreation

Approval to remove three trees at Log Cabin Park.


The Parks and Recreation Department is seeking permission to remove three trees at Log Cabin Park. As can be seen in the attached photos, the tree behind the museum is a volunteer oak that is close to the building and may cause damage to the building in the near future. The estimated age of the tree is around 30 years old. The other two trees are starting to be shadowed by the canopy of the other oak trees in the park. This will most likely compromise the growth and health of the trees. Staff is requesting to remove these trees to allow the larger and stronger trees to occupy the area the smaller trees take up.  If approved, the smaller trees will be removed by the Parks and Recreation Department and the larger tree will be removed at a cost of around $2,500.00. The recommendations of the Parks, Recreation and Tree Advisory Committee will be reported at this meeting.

Fiscal Impact

Estimated at $2,500.

Funding Account

001-7201-572-56-20 — Parks and Recreation Repairs and Maintenance with a balance of $16,146.18