Commission Meeting Agenda Item

Agenda Item

Architectural Elevations Conceptual Presentation for the Villages RV Storage – MJSP 01/19-001 — Proposing a 152-unit RV Storage site featuring 18 parking spaces on an 8.38-acre parcel located along South Highway 27/441, just south of the Lady Lake Auto Salvage Site, identified by Alternate Key Number 1015049.


Growth Management

Staff recommends approval of the elevations for the Villages RV Storage – MJSP 01/19-001 with Commercial Design Standard Waiver as presented.


On March 19, 2018, the Town Commission approved Special Exception Use Ordinance 2018-17 for approximately 8.38 acres of property located at 708 South Highway 27/441, allowing to incorporate Motor Vehicle, RV, and Boat Storage Facilities as additional land uses for this commercial parcel. The subject property lies in Section 21, Township 18 South, Range 24 East, and is zoned Heavy Commercial (HC) with a future land use of RET- Commercial General- Retails Sales and Services.

On Wednesday, December 26, 2018, the Town of Lady Lake received a new major site plan application and civil plans submitted by applicant Robert W. Batsel Jr. with Gilligan, Gooding, Franjola and Batsel, P.A., on behalf of property owner, Discount Mini Storage of Lady Lake, LLC for the construction of an RV Storage site consisting of 152 bays with the following breakdown:

  • 37 covered units with a size of 12.5’x 50’
  • 33 enclosed units with a size of 15’x50’
  • 37 covered units with a size of 12.5’x40’
  • 36 covered units with a size of 12.5’x30’
  • 9 uncovered units with a size of 12.5’x30’

The site features 18 parking spaces, including two Florida ADA accessible parking spaces and two RV-unit check-in parking spaces. The property is currently vacant and is evenly wooded in its entirety. The project will be connecting to Town’s water and sewer facilities, and the applicant is proposing to install a lift station. Irrigation will be provided by an eight-inch well connection.

The proposed development is an expansion of the existing mini-storage facility, which is adjacent to the property and to the southeast. Cross access will be provided between both properties, connecting via a one-way drive, which exists upon the already developed mini-storage facility. Access to the Motor Vehicle R.V. and Boat Storage Facility will be provided directly off Highway 27/441 as well, with a right-in and right-out driveway connection.


As per adopted Special Exception Use Ordinance 2018-17, the development is required to provide Landscaping Buffer Class “C” buffering around the storage area, and a six-foot high opaque fence to screen storage area from any public rights-of-ways. Along the side perimeters by the entrance drive, Landscaping Buffer Class “A” is required. The applicant will be adhering to all landscaping requirements.

Landscaping Buffer Class “A” consists of ten feet minimum width with two canopy trees, three understory trees and a continuous hedge.

Landscaping Buffer Class “C” consists of thirty feet minimum width with six canopy trees, four understory trees and a continuous hedge or an approved fence or wall.


In accordance with the Land Development Regulations, Chapter 20, Section 20-3C).3).A)., new buildings should adopt and must closely follow one of the four recommended architectural styles: Frame Vernacular, Craftsman/Bungalow, Mediterranean, or Mission. The building does not exhibit one of the four preferred architectural styles in its entirety; however, it exhibits primary elements from the Mediterranean Architectural Style, such as clay tile roof, stucco, accent trims, terracotta exterior paint colors, etc.

Aside from the fact that the proposed storage area will be located approximately 260 lineal feet off of the property and South Highway 27/441 right-of-way line, the development will have a six-foot high opaque fence around its boundaries and will be adequately screened. The two outparcels to the north and south of the entrance are owned by separate entities and will be required to follow Commercial Design Standards when developed. The elevations are included with the packet.

Past Actions

On Wednesday, July 10, 2019, the Technical Review Committee members individually reviewed the application for the Villages RV Storage MJSP 01/19-001 new major site plan application and provided final comments.

The Planning and Zoning Board does not review Site Plans.

The site plans will not be going before the Parks, Recreation and Tree Advisory Committee since no waivers are being requested at this time.

Fiscal Impact

Not applicable.

Funding Account

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