Commission Meeting Agenda Item

Agenda Item

Update and Direction on Potential Renovations of the Community Building.


Public Works

Not applicable. Discussion and direction only.


In previous discussions regarding potential renovations to the Community Building, Town staff was directed to request professional plumbing and electrical inspections for the Community Building. Those reports are attached to this agenda item. Also attached to this agenda item is an updated staff-prepared cost estimate for renovations which includes findings from the inspections.

Staff is requesting direction regarding the potential renovations at the Community Building as to how and when to proceed. Direction also on specific renovations desired other than what is listed on the cost estimate, which funding source to use, and the timeframe desired. The timeframe will dictate starting work in this fiscal year or in the upcoming fiscal year. There is $200,000 allocated in the draft budget for next fiscal year; none allocated in this year’s budget.

Fiscal Impact

None at this time.

Funding Account

Not applicable.