Commission Meeting Agenda Item

Agenda Item

Consideration of the Charter Review Committee’s Recommendation Regarding the Town Charter


Town Manager

  1. Make a motion to accept the Charter Review Committee’s recommendation that no changes be made to the Charter and inform the Charter Review Committee members that they do not need meet again.


  1. Make a motion not to accept the Charter Review Committee’s recommendations that no changes be made to the Charter, and request that they have another meeting for further discussion. (If this motion is made, please list any issues the Commission would like them to review.)


The Charter Review Committee has completed their review of the Town’s Charter and have advised that they have no recommended changes to the Lady Lake Town Charter. The Charter Committee is seeking direction from the Commission as to whether or not the Commission is satisfied with their review or if they would like them to meet again. Below are the main points of discussion. The minutes of the Charter Review Committee’s meeting are included in the packet for review.

1. Consideration of the order of the sections of the Charter to establish the fact that the Commissioners’ and Mayor’s positions were established before the Town Manager.

The Committee decided that if this was the only change, and since it is an administrative change only, it would not merit the time and cost of a referendum.

2. Consideration of the length of Commissioners’ terms and whether there should be term limits.

The Committee recommended that Commissioners’ terms remain at two years with no consideration to change the language in the Charter to restrict the number of terms.

3. Consideration of an appeals process being established for general employees such as the Disciplinary Arbitration Panel for police officers.

The Committee voted not to make a recommendation to the Town Commission to include an appeal process for general employees of the Town.

4. Consideration of whether or not a periodic review of the Charter should be included in the Charter.

The Committee members agreed they would not make a recommendation on a periodic review of the Charter.

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Public Hearings

Monday, November 18, 2019, at 6 p.m.