Commission Meeting Agenda Item

Agenda Item

Discussion and Direction on How to Invest the $120,000 Budgeted for the Pyramid Park Playground


Parks and Recreation

Discussion only.


The Parks and Recreation Director is seeking direction on how to invest the $120,000 the Town has budgeted for new equipment at Pyramid Park.

As discussed at the January Commission Meeting, I have obtained prices for what it will cost to put the different type of surfaces out on the playground.  In reviewing my notes from years ago, the 7,500 square feet would shrink to footprint of the playground as the current rubber mulch covers around 12,000 square feet.

Most other cities are now using the wood chips as their ground cover for the playgrounds.  These are the cheapest and we would have the ability to supply our own after the initial investment.  The rubber mulch works very well, but we do get the complaints of the children getting dirty and the rumored possibility of health risks.  The last option of poured rubber mulch is great but the price to install and the fact our playground really is not designed for it in its’ current state are two areas of concern.  I would see it as a better investment if this was a new playground.

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Past Actions

The Parks, Recreation and Tree Advisory Committee opted for poured rubber surfacing at their meeting on November 13, 2019.  Discussion occurred at the January 15, 2020 Commission meeting.