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Agenda Item

Consideration to Purchase Motorola Solutions Spillman Software Suite



Staff recommends approval to purchase Motorola Solutions Spillman software suite to replace the current software from Central Square.


The Central Square software the Police Department currently uses must be replaced by January 1, 2021 to allow for proper Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) through the Florida Incident Based Reporting System (FIBRS). This important new reporting requirement will allow our department to remain transparent to public inquiries concerning the crime rate in Town as well as high liability concerns such as Use of Force data collection. The cost to replace our current software with the latest version from Central Square is $131,670.00 with an annual support fee of $24,532.00.

Rather than replacing the current Central Square software with their latest version, staff requests instead to change to a different product from Motorola Solutions called Spillman. Many other local agencies, including the Lake County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) use the Spillman software for reporting and we have previously moved to Spillman software for Computer Aided Dispatch services. This change will allow our department to join these other local agencies on a common platform for improved information sharing.

Additionally, moving to Spillman software will provide the opportunity to have the LCSO host our information on their infrastructure for an approximate annual cost of $3,750.00. This will relieve the Town of the cost to purchase, maintain, backup and secure the equipment necessary to host this software for ourselves.

The Motorola Solutions Spillman software will include: Hub- names, vehicles, property, and wants (warrants) for officers to search during investigations, Law Records, FIBRS for proper crime reporting, Mobile Field Reporting with Field Interviews, Mobile State and National queries to assist during investigations, Mobile Arrest Forms, TraCS Accident Interface for crash reporting, TraCS Citation Interface for mobile citations and warnings, and on-site training and project management.

The cost of the Motorola Solutions Spillman software is $139,464.00 and there is an annual maintenance fee beginning in the second year in the amount of $12,056.33.

The I.T. Department supports this request.

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