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Agenda Item

Consideration of Approval of the New Major Site Plan for Serenity Cottages of Lady Lake MJSP 06/20-001 ― Proposing to Develop a Memory Care Facility Complex Consisting of a 6,556-Square-Foot Administrative Building and Seven 13,815-Square-Foot Memory Care Buildings Hosting a Total of 144 Beds, with 89 Parking Spaces; to be Constructed on Lot 2 of the Lumen Park Commercial Plat, Addressed as 1165 Highway 466, Referenced by Alternate Key Number 3900680


Growth Management

Staff recommends approval of the New Major Site Plan for Serenity Cottages of Lady Lake MJPS 06/20-001 with the requested waiver:

Chapter 20, Section 20-3C).9). — No more than three different colors or color shades should be used on a single building. The applicant proposes four to five different exterior colors.


On Monday, June 8, 2020, Brent Ritchie with EnRitch Investment Group, submitted an application for a new major site plan application on behalf of property owner LL-Lumen Park, LLC, to develop Lot 2 of the Lumen Park Commercial Plat which is located at 1165 Highway 466, approximately three-quarters of a mile west of the intersection of Highway 466 and Rolling Acres Road, being approximately 13.85 acres.

The property is zoned “Planned Commercial” (CP) and the Future Land Use is Commercial General-Retail Sales and Services (RET) which allows for the proposed land uses and improvements and is compatible and consistent with the Town’s Comprehensive Plan.


The applicant proposes one administrative building featuring 6,556 square feet of area and seven memory care buildings consisting of 13,815 square feet each. The plan depicts a total of 89 parking spaces which encompass 39 standard paved parking spaces, 6 Florida ADA accessible parking spaces, and 44 standard grass parking spaces. In accordance to Chapter 7, Section 7-6).d). grass parking is allowed up to 50 percent for recreational or institutional uses with weekly or less frequent peak demand. The applicant understands that if grassed parking areas utilized to satisfy the minimum number of parking spaces are regularly used so as to become rutted, uneven, unable to drain properly, unsightly or unmaintained, the Town will require that the area be paved as specified in the provisions of Chapter 7, Section 7-6).d).


The Lumen Park Commercial Plat will be developed in phases and the applicant has submitted to St. Johns River Water Management District Permit No. 129131-4 to modify the Phase 2 building and storm basin configuration from the 2011 Phase I design. To maximize the use of the land, the Lumen Park Commercial Plat will feature two main ponds to serve all lots. Pond 1 will be placed on Lot 1 fronting Highway 466. Pond 2 will be placed on Lot 2 along the easterly boundary of Lot 2. There is a small pond referred to as Pond 1A that will be placed along the highway frontage of Lot 3.


The applicant submitted an exemption from conducting a Tier 1 Traffic Analysis pursuant to the Lake Sumter MPO Traffic Impact Study Methodology and Guidelines. These guidelines provide for an exemption from conducting a traffic impact analysis for projects that generate less than 100 peak hour two-way net new trips.

An assisted living facility (ITE Code 254) typically generates 0.26 trips PM Peak Hours based on the number of beds. According to the information provided, this project will contain 157 congregate care facility units in Phase I and 144 beds of assisting living facilities in Phase 2. The total trip generation is estimated at 64 p.m. peak hour trips, and, therefore, it is the opinion of the Lake-Sumter MPO that this project qualifies for an exemption from conducting a traffic analysis. This project must meet all other regulations that may apply from state, county and local entities, as this exemption does not relieve of any other requirements.

The Lake Sumter MPO also reviewed the parking requirement analysis and, based on the information provided, agree that the provision of 45 paved parking spaces is adequate for this size memory care facility.


In accordance with Chapter 10-Landscape and Tree Protection, the site is required to provide approximately 2216 tree caliper inches based on the 13.85-acre site development area (160”x 13.85).

The applicant is providing approximately 3213 tree caliper inches, based on 2504 tree caliper inches of existing plant material to remain, 745 tree caliper inches in canopy trees proposed to be planted, and 24 tree caliper inches in proposed palm trees to be planted. The following number of trees are being provided:

· 26 Live Oak trees at 4 tree caliper inches each minimum

· 7 Shumard Oak trees at 4 tree caliper inches each minimum

· 9 American Elm trees at 4 tree caliper inches each minimum

· 44 Slash Pine trees at 4 tree caliper inches each minimum

· 6 Sylvester Date Palm trees at 4 tree caliper inches each minimum

· 69 Eagleston Holly trees at 4 tree caliper inches each minimum

· 6 american Black Elderberry at 2.5 tree caliper inches each minimum

· 7 Yellow Tababuia trees at 2.5 tree caliper inches each minimum

· 43 Japanese Blueberry trees at an average of 2.5 tree caliper inches each minimum

· 12 Beautyberry shrubs 30 gal 30”x30”

It was found that the applicant has designed the location and planting of landscaping in accordance to the Town’s landscaping code as it refers to spacing, native vegetation, water use requirements, while taking into consideration site visibility and overcrowding of plant material. Due to the phasing of the development, an exact irrigation plan could not be submitted at this time and the applicant will be providing as-built Irrigation plans showing details of connections for planting and maintenance satisfactory to sustain adequate plant growth.


The site plan was reviewed to determine if it is in compliance with the Land Development Regulations (LDRs) including drainage, grading and erosion control. The application was determined to be in compliance with the LDRs and the Comprehensive Plan, except for the requested waivers.

The civil engineering site plans, consisting of 16 sheets, have been submitted on 24" x 36"sheets and certified by Christopher M Germana, Professional Engineer with Germana Engineering and Associates, LLC, drawn on May 29, 2020 with final revisions dated July 9, 2020. The most updated landscaping plan for the project consist of seven sheets drawn and certified by Christopher M Germana, Professional Engineer with Germana Engineering and Associates, LLC, drawn on May 29, 2020 with final revisions dated July 9, 2020. Sight Lighting and Photometric Plan consisting of one sheet are drawn and certified by Kevin G. Carlson, Professional Engineer with OutsideIn Architecture LLC dated June 4, 2020. Architectural Elevation Plans consisting of four sheets are drawn and certified by Darren M. Azdell, Registered Architect with OutsideIn Architecture, LLC dated May 7, 2020.

Town staff, Neel-Schaffer Engineering, Fire Inspector and Building Official completed reviews. The following items are included in the packet:

Review No.2 for the general site development completed by Neel-Schaffer Engineering, dated July 8, 2020 (Satisfied).

Review by Fire Inspector Kerry Barnett dated July 7, 2020 (Satisfied).

Review by Building Official Ron Rowe dated June 26, 2020 (Satisfied).

Review by Public Works Utility Supervisor Butch Goodman dated June 17, 2020 (Satisfied).

Lake Sumter MPO review by Fred Milch with the East Central Florida Regional Planning Council dated June 15, 2020.

Environmental Resource Permit by St. John's River Water Management District Storm Water Permit No. 129131-4 for the construction and operation of surface water management systems-Pending.

Past Actions

The Technical Review Committee members individually reviewed the application regarding the Site Plan application on Thursday, July 9, 2020, and determined the submittal adequate for review and provided comments.

The Planning and Zoning Board does not review Site Plan Modifications.

No review by the Parks, Recreation and Tree Advisory Committee was required.

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