Commission Meeting Agenda Item

Agenda Item

Consideration of Approval of the 2020 Fall Event Schedule


Parks and Recreation

Staff recommends approval of the 2020 Fall Event Schedule.


The programs listed are similar to last year. I have added the Luminary Night to the list as it is an event that we can social distance with. The dates may have changed, and the times will be similar, but staff is asking for flexibility with the times as the events have not been formally programmed and the times may need to be changed due to various reasons. (See attached for dates.)

The fall season has seven activities that will need the services of the Parks and Recreation Department. Staff will assist the Soccer Association and the Little League. The opening ceremonies have historically been accepted as part of their programming and have not needed approval from the Town if they do not have activities other than the announcing of the teams or the passing out of awards and trophies.

Between the beginning of October and the second Saturday of December, staff will have obligations for many weekends. Needless to say, this is our busiest time of year, but the most fun. As we are in the middle of a major pandemic, these events may be heavily modified, cancelled or even delayed. The Father - Daughter Dance that we held last year is being moved to the spring in the hope the health scare passes. Keep in mind that if we do not get participants for the events, we may have to cancel. We will have to monitor this crisis as it progresses, but keep in mind that we have three events that put thousands of people in close proximity to one another. We will have to find a way to do it safely.

Fiscal Impact

The costs are estimated as follows:

  • Historical Society Rummage Sale — $100 for overtime for Parks and Recreation staff
  • Halloween Party — $1,000 for supplies and rentals; $400 for overtime for Parks and Recreation staff
  • Christmas Parade — $500 to $1,000 for supplies; $800 for overtime for Parks and Recreation staff; and $1,200 for overtime for Police and Public Works staff
  • Light-Up-Lady Lake — $4,500 for lights; $500 for overtime for Parks and Recreation staff; and $1,000 for overtime for Police and Public Works staff
  • Luminary Night — $300.00 for overtime; considering moving it to Heritage Park
  • Soccer Opening Day — No additional cost

Please note that many of the supplies for these activities are donated, and the Christmas Parade and Light Up Lady Lake events are the most labor intensive. The Not Too Scary Halloween Party will have inflatable activities this year in the form of inflatable obstacle courses and other games.

Estimated total fiscal impact at up to $10,600.00.

Source of Funding

Parks and Recreation Budget for 2020-2021

Funding Account

Line Item 001-7201-572-48-00 with a budget of $15,700.00 along with our overtime with a budget of $7,500.00