Commission Meeting Agenda Item

Agenda Item

Consideration of Purchase of ½ ton Truck Utilizing Saved Budgeted Departmental Funds


Public Works — Utilities — Water

Approve the purchase of a 1/2 ton truck utilizing saved budgeted departmental funds.


Staff has developed a funding plan for the purchase of a new 1/2 ton truck which would replace an existing 12 year old service truck. The funding plan was developed with the assistance of the Finance Department utilizing saved budgeted departmental funds in various line items within the Public Works – Utilities - Water department. Examples of savings are seen in fuel expenses due to significantly lower prices and less usage, as well as savings in electricity due to less usage during the COVID-19 shutdown. Transfer of interdepartmental funds to purchase capital assets requires Town Commission approval.

Fiscal Impact

Estimated total of $35,000 ($88,000 available funds)

Source of Funding

Utilities — Fund

Funding Account