Commission Meeting Agenda Item

Agenda Item

Consideration of Approval of the Eleventh Addendum to the Town Manager’s Contract


Town Manager

Approval of the Eleventh Addendum to the Town Manager’s contract.


The Town is contractually obligated to retain Kristen Kollgaard as Clerk of the Town of Lady Lake at the pay rate of $110,000.00 annually once she is no longer Town Manager. This provision was negotiated over ten years ago in lieu of a severance to be paid once Ms. Kollgaard no longer serves as Town Manager. On September 22nd, 2020, Ms. Kollgaard requested that the Town permit her to retire with a severance not to exceed 20 weeks as required by law. In exchange, the Town will not be obligated to retain and pay Ms. Kollgaard as Town Clerk and the Town is released from its contractual obligations and any claims. I recommend the Town approve the Eleventh Addendum, allow Ms. Kollgaard to retire and resolve this matter.

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