Commission Meeting Agenda Item

Agenda Item

Conveyance of Water, Sewer, and Reuse Utility Lines Extension Improvements from Lake Sumter Partners, Ltd to the Town of Lady Lake for Offsite Improvements Constructed along Highway 466 for the Lake Sumter Apartments Homes Development Located at the Southwest Intersection of Highway 466 and Cherry Lake Road (Alternate Key 3538951)


Growth Management

Staff recommends approval of the conveyance of water, sewer, and reuse infrastructure from Lake Sumter Partners, Ltd., to the Town of Lady Lake, constructed along Highway 466 for the Lake Sumter Apartments Homes development located at the southwest intersection of Highway 466 and Cherry Lake Road (Alternate Key 3538951).


Lake Sumter Partners, Ltd., is the property owner/developer of Lake Sumter Apartment Homes, a 332-unit multi-family complex consisting of 14 apartment buildings and a clubhouse and amenities; covering approximately 40.35 acres located west of the intersection of Cherry Lake Road and Highway 466 in Sumter County, Florida.

Back in 2007, in order to serve the development with water and sewer supply, the applicant brought a Utility agreement before the Town Commission seeking to reserve 38,025 gallons per day. The reserved water and sewer impact fees were paid, but the property remained vacant.

On June 17, 2019, the property owners requested an additional 47,975 gallons per day before the Town Commission; who considered and approved the agreement, thus increasing the total reserved capacity to 86,000 gallons per day or 344 Equivalent Residential Units (ERUs). The lump sum for the total water and sewer ERUs allocation in the amount of $511,512.30 was paid back in 2007, and then the additional water, sewer, and reuse ERUs allocation, as well as deposits, connections, and inspections in the amount of $896,832.00 and $103,496.00 paid in 2019 and 2020 respectively, were satisfied by the applicant as per the terms of the agreement.

As of October 2020, all proposed utility infrastructure has been constructed and the Developer is connected to Town water, sewer and reuse facilities. At the present time, the applicant has prepared the necessary documents for conveyance of utility lines infrastructure to the Town of Lady Lake.

This conveyance will satisfy the terms as agreed to by the Town and Lake Sumter Partners, Ltd. as per the Water and Sewer Utility Agreement executed on June 17, 2019. A cost estimate of the off-site improvements to be conveyed has been provided by the applicant as prepared by Madden, Moorhead & Stokes, LLC, and a two-year Maintenance Bond in the amount of $17,224.12 (or ten percent of the estimated construction costs) will be issued to Town of Lady Lake as Beneficiary.

The Town Attorney, Public Works Director and Finance Director have reviewed the item and given their consent to approve. In addition, Public Work staff has verified that all work has been completed in accordance to the approved civil plans.

A 30 foot by 22 foot Utility Easement over, across and under fronting County Road 466 has been granted to the Town of Lady Lake for maintenance of utilities conveyed to the Town.

All inspections by the Sumter County Fire Department and Public Works staff have been conducted, and the infrastructure has been found acceptable to be conveyed to the Town at this time.

Fiscal Impact

$172,241.40 (Value of Infrastructure Conveyed)

Source of Funding

No applicable.

Funding Account

Not applicable.