Commission Meeting Agenda Item

Agenda Item

Consideration of Approval for the Appointment of Wendy Then as the Representative of Lady Lake to the Metropolitan Planning Agency's (MPO) Technical Advisory Committee, and Reassignment of C.T. Eagle as the Alternate Member to the Committee


Growth Management/Public Works

Staff recommends approval of the of Wendy Then as the representative of Lady Lake to the Metropolitan Planning Agency’s (MPO) Technical Advisory Committee, and reassignment of C.T. Eagle as the alternate member to the committee.


In November of 2019, the Technical Advisory Committee of the Lake-Sumter MPO appointed a new chairman and vice-chairman of the committee. Prior to the new appointments, C.T. Eagle was the chairman of the committee, and the vice-chairman of the committee during the prior year. No longer having the responsibility of chairing the meetings, Mr. Eagle would like to serve as the alternate member representing the Town of Lady Lake at this time, and allow Ms. Wendy Then, the opportunity to serve on the Technical Advisory Committee.

The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) is comprised of planners and engineers from the various local governments comprising the MPO. Therefore, the input provided by the TAC is of a very technical nature. This may include making technical design recommendations and verifying that all documents conform to the appropriate standards. Ms. Then possesses the knowledge and experience needed to make informed decisions and assist the committee as a voting member to forward recommendations to the Lake-Sumter MPO Governing Board for their consideration.

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