Commission Meeting Agenda Item

Agenda Item

Consideration for the Water, Sewer and Reuse Utility Agreement for Serenity Cottages of Lady Lake MJSP 06/20-001 ― Proposing to Develop a Memory Care Facility Complex Consisting of a 6,556-Square-Foot Administrative Building and Seven 13,815-Square-Foot Memory Care Buildings Hosting a Total of 144 Beds with 89 Parking Spaces; to be Constructed on Lot 2 of the Lumen Park Commercial Plat, Addressed as 1165 Highway 466, Referenced by Alternate Key Number 3900680


Growth Management

Staff recommends approval of the Water, Sewer, and Reuse Utility Agreement for Serenity Cottages of Lady Lake MJSP 06/20-001.


L2LP EIG Property, LLC is the owner of property being approximately 13.80 acres, located approximately three-quarters of a mile west of the intersection of Highway 466 and Rolling Acres Road. The property is zoned “CP” (Planned Commercial) and the Future Land Use is RET-Commercial General – Retail Sales and Services; which allows for the proposed land uses and consistent with the Town’s Comprehensive Plan.

On July 20, 2020, the Town Commission approved the site plan and the next day, a Development Order was issued for the construction of the project.

In order to serve the development with water, sewer and reuse supply as its development progresses, the property owner would like to purchase 2,250 gallons per day of sewer capacity, 2,500 gallons per day of water capacity, and 2,438 gallons per day of reuse capacity to serve these facilities. This capacity is equivalent to nine Sewer ERUs, 10 Water ERUs, and nine Reuse ERUs respectively.

The Developer has agreed to utilize the Town's water, sewer, and reuse facilities to benefit the Development and to the terms and conditions hereinafter set forth in the attached Agreement, as provided by Utility (The Town).

The lump sum for the total ERUs allocation is $45,616.00. Should Developer fail to pay the corresponding impact fee allocations as provided herein, the Town, in its sole discretion, may rescind and void this Agreement in its entirety.

The agreement was reviewed by Town Attorney Derek Schroth and Town staff and determined correct in form for consideration and approval by the Town Commission.

The creation of a part-time System Administrator position will prevent the full burden of computer system administration and help desk responsibilities from falling to the IT Director. Providing a dedicated support resource within the IT Department will provide a more efficient organization of resources and ensure the best outcome for our staff, especially the Police department.

This position will be posted internally for 5 days.

The funding for this position was included in the FY2020/21 adopted budget.

Fiscal Impact


Source of Funding

ERU Allocation Revenue

Funding Account

389.28.00; 389.29.00; and 343.54.00