Commission Meeting Agenda Item

Agenda Item

Consideration of Approval for Expenditure of Funds to Relocate the Human Resources Department to the Library


Information Technology

Approval for the expenditure of funds requested to relocate the Human Resources Department from Town Hall to the Library.


Staff requests approval for the expenditure of funds necessary to relocate the Human Resources department of three employees from the Town Hall facility to the available office space on the second floor of the Library.

This space was vacated by the Lake Sumter Metropolitan Planning Agency (MPO) on July 9, 2020.

Currently, there is insufficient office space available at Town Hall to efficiently accommodate town staff. The IT Director has been temporarily occupying a Town Clerk office for the past 18 months but will need to relocate from this space soon when the vacant Clerk position is filled. Also, there is currently no available office space within Town Hall for the System Administrator position. While we anticipate relief from this issue following the completion of the new Growth Management building, this is not expected to occur for some time.

Additionally, many Human Resource matters have confidentiality concerns that cannot be adequately managed in this department’s current office location at Town Hall. To address these issues, staff desires to relocate the Human Resources department to the Library.

Various information technology and physical security facility improvements are necessary to accomplish this request, as well as the purchase of furniture needed to outfit three offices and a small conference room.

This is not a budgeted expense.

The Town recently received additional CARES Act program grant funds from the County as a reimbursement to the Town for the previous fiscal year budgeted Police staff wages and benefits. These funds will be returned to the Town’s Unrestricted Reserve Account. The current available balance of this funding is $300,525.

Staff requests that funding for this proposal be transferred from the Unrestricted Reserve Account to various General Fund non-capital expense accounts to provide the funding necessary to accomplish this request.

The proposed network security configuration Statement of Work (SOW) will piggyback the State of Florida NASPO ValuePoint Contract (2016-2026) #CH16012. The proposed furniture quote will piggyback the State of Florida contract #56210000-19-ACS.

Fiscal Impact


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Unrestricted Reserve Account

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