Commission Meeting Agenda Item

Agenda Item

Consideration of Approval to Contract with Neel-Schaffer Engineering to Provide Engineering Services for the Proposed Walking Trail on the Town-Owned Property at the Corner of Old Dixie Highway and West Lady Lake Blvd.


Parks and Recreation

Approval to Contract with Neel-Schaffer Engineering to provide engineering services for the proposed walking trail on the Town-owned property at the corner of Old Dixie Highway and East Lady Lake Blvd.


The Parks and Recreation Director has been tasked with the finding an engineering firm to walk us through the design, bid, and build of the proposed passive park that was discussed at the last meeting. It is my professional opinion that Neel-Schaffer Engineering will provide the best and most suitable services for the Town. Proposals were received from Neel-Schaffer Engineering, CPH, and Gordian. Neel-Schaffer has worked with the Parks and Recreation Director in the design and construction of almost four miles of sidewalks through the Safe Routes to School Grant Program. As this project is somewhat similar to that project, they were chosen over the other proposals. The design will cost the town $64,430.00. The construction engineering will cost an additional $23,020.00.

Fiscal Impact

$64,430.00 for design of the project. A total of $87,450 will be invested in engineering for the entire project.

Source of Funding

Parks and Recreation Impact Fees

Funding Account

001-7201 572 61 20