Commission Meeting Agenda Item

Agenda Item

Consideration of Bid Documents to Construct Well #4 at Water Treatment Plant #3 and Well #5 at Water Treatment Plant #1 as Previously Identified and Approved within the June 2020 Well #4 Siting Evaluation as Presented by Jason Shepler with Mittauer and Associates, Inc.


Public Works — Utilities

Approve the Bid Documents for public advertisement and bidding.


The Town Commission previously approved the findings of the Well # 4 Siting Evaluation as presented by the consultant, Mittauer and Associates. The previous evaluation included recommendations to construct a redundant well at Water Treatment Plant #3 (i.e., Well #4) as well as a replacement well at Water Treatment Plant (WTP) #1 (i.e., Well #5). Well #1 at WTP #1 has a casing issue that likely requires the well to be abandoned. The consultant has completed the engineering and bid documents for Phase One of the recommended improvements. Since the production wells are built by a licensed well driller, who would not complete the other necessary improvements such as the piping and electrical work, the production well construction is presented as a separate package to reduce mark-ups from another general contractor. The phasing also allows for this work to begin while the final design of the other site improvements is completed. Permits from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and the St. Johns River Water Management District are in process and will be acquired prior to advertising the work for construction. The engineer’s opinion of construction cost is approximately $486,500. If approved, Town staff and the consultant will advertise the bid following acquisition of the permits and bring the bid results back to Town Commission for consideration of award.

Fiscal Impact

Estimated $200 for advertising.

Source of Funding

Water Funds

Funding Account