Commission Meeting Agenda Item

Agenda Item

Consideration of Approval to Reject the Bid Received for Bid #2021-0002 — Construction of Well #4 and Well #5, and to Re-Advertise the Previously Approved Bid #2021-0002 Documents


Public Works - Utilities

Staff recommends that the Commission reject the bid received for Bid #2021-0002 and approve public advertisement and re-bidding of the project.


The Town Commission previously approved the bid documents and public advertisement of Bid #2021-0002 for Phase One of the construction of the Well #4 and Well #5 project. The Engineer’s Opinion of Construction Cost for Phase One of the project is approximately $486,500. One bid was received from A.C. Schultes of Florida, Inc. in the amount of $1,043,600. Staff and the engineer recommend re-bidding of the project to potentially receive more competitive bids. Rejection of the bid does not prevent the contractor from bidding on the project a second time. If approved, Town staff and the consultant will re-advertise the bid and bring the bid results back to Town Commission for consideration of award.

Fiscal Impact

Estimated $200 for advertising.

Source of Funding

Water funds

Funding Account