Commission Meeting Agenda Item

Agenda Item

Consideration to Allow the Developer for the Lady Lake Square Apartments New Major Site Plan to Utilize the Tree Sampling Method Provisions as per Chapter 10, Section 10-3).l).2).G). to Provide Tree Data In lieu of Performing a Full Tree Survey on a 44-Acre Parcel Located at the Southwest Corner of County Road 25 and Griffin Avenue; Identified by Alternate Key Numbers 3302494, 3306376, and 3305124


Growth Managment

Staff recommends advancing the proposal as recommended by the Town Commission


On Monday, August 17, 2020, applicant Marty Dellebovi, on behalf of Lady Lake Square, LLC, came before the Town Commission to present the proposal of a 288-unit apartment complex consisting of nine buildings and associated parking areas; featuring amenities to include a clubhouse and pool, dog park area, and children’s playground; to be located at the southwest corner of County Road 25 and Griffin Avenue; identified by Alternate Key Numbers 3302494 and 3306376.

On October 19, 2020, Lady Lake Square LLC was granted Resolution 2020-108 to allow for the placement of a freestanding pylon sign along Old Vineyard road for the apartment complex and other outparcels for the 44-acre parcel. At that Town Commission meeting, the applicant was also granted Resolutions 2020-109 and 2020-110 to allow one apartment building to be four stories and up to 50 feet in height. In short, the applicant has been steadily making progress to complete the due diligence and align all elements needed to move forward with the final design layout for submittal to the Town for review.

At this time, the applicant is drafting the final details to submit the Civil Engineering Plans and the site plan layout, architectural renderings and floor plans for the Lady Lake Square Apartments. One of the required site plan submittal elements is the performance of a Tree Survey; however, conducting a full tree survey for such a heavily and densely wooded 44-acre parcel can be a daunting task that at the very least would take more than several weeks to complete. The applicant will also be running sewer lines to the site, and in order to coordinate a timely development with Utilities Facilities and School Concurrency, the applicant would like to proceed with requesting doing the tree sampling method to provide the required on-site tree data.

One of the provisions of the Land Development Regulations is the ability to do tree sampling methods for properties 50 acres or more. The subject parcel is 44 acres of land, and its existing condition makes it just as difficult for the land to be surveyed. A great part of the 44-acre parcel is covered by upland forest. The applicant proposes three 100 feet by 100 feet tree sampling squares at different points along the subject parcel, which would yield the tree survey information requested of the applicant.

Town staff has evaluated the proposal, the existing conditions, soil data, and the natural areas map, and find that the request is reasonable. Other properties within the Town have been allowed to incorporate the tree sampling method due to tree density in those parcels.

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