Commission Meeting Agenda Item

Agenda Item

Consideration of Approval to Add the New Federal Holiday “Juneteenth” to the Town’s Scheduled Holidays


Human Resources

Staff recommends approval to add “Juneteenth” to the Town’s scheduled holidays.


President Joe Biden signed the Juneteenth National Independence Day Act into law on June 17, 2021. Juneteenth is observed on June 19th each year, commemorating the emancipation of the enslaved African Americans back in 1865.

Juneteenth for the year 2022 is observed on Sunday, June 19th.

History behind the holiday: On January 1st,1863, then President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation outlawing slavery in the original confederate states. On June 19,1865, Union Army General Gordon Granger, under General Order # 3, enforced the freedom of enslaved people in Texas, the last hold-out state in the confederacy.

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