Commission Meeting Agenda Item

Agenda Item

Consideration to  Award Construction of Well #4 and Well #5 Project (Bid #2021-0002 Documents) to Citrus Well Drilling (Surface Casing Contractor) in the Amount of $128,820.00 and Applied Drilling Engineering, Inc. (Production Well Completion) in the Amount of $554,700.00 for a Total Contract Amount of $683,520.00


Public Works - Utilities

Staff recommends that the Commission approve the enclosed quotes and direct the Town’s staff to complete the necessary contract documents for execution by the Town.


On June 24, 2021, the Town received one bid for the subject project that was significantly greater than the engineer’s estimate at $1,043,600. As a result, the project was re-advertised and re-bid on August 26, 2021. No bids were received. Town staff then directed the engineer to request and review proposals from qualified well drillers to move this phase of the project forward. The engineer has coordinated a cost effective solution as described in the attached Engineer’s Recommendation of Award Letter.

Fiscal Impact

$683,520.00 (Budgeted)

Source of Funding

Water Funds

Funding Account