Commission Meeting Agenda Item

Agenda Item

Consideration of Approval of the Contract to Purchase a Portion of the Property Owned by Tabitha Taylor at 105 Caroline Avenue; and Authorization for the Town Manager to Sign the Purchase Agreement on Behalf of the Town


Public Works

Staff recommends approval of the contract to purchase the property owned by Tabitha Taylor at 105 Caroline Avenue, and to authorize the Town Manager to sign the Purchase Agreement on behalf of the Town.


For several years, the Town has been negotiating with Tabitha Taylor regarding the purchase of a portion of her property on Caroline Avenue for use as a connector road between the Skyline Hills Subdivision and Spencers Lane. Currently, the Town has a 25 feet utilities easement on the property. This purchase adds 15 feet to create a 40 feet wide right-of-way that can be used for a roadway.

The terms of the contract states that the Town will pay $8,000 to Ms. Taylor for the land, as well as pay for legal fees, filing fees, and fund construction of a fence on the property. The Town Commission previously discussed and approved the terms of the agreement. A deed search and boundary survey were completed to ensure clear title and to create a legal description prior to the Town purchasing the parcel. Staff has coordinated with Ms. Taylor on the location of the fence to be installed.

Fiscal Impact

  • $8,000 for purchase of land.
  • $5,100 for fence to be installed.
  • Legal fees/filing fees to be determined.

Source of Funding

Committed Asset Fund

Funding Account