Commission Meeting Agenda Item

Agenda Item

Update regarding the Fire Flow Requirements for the Currently Built Sales Center and Administrative Buildings of Water Oak Country Club Estates.


Growth Management

The Town Commission may, or may not, grant an additional extension upon hearing the evidence of the applicant regarding the status of the project and the progress that has been made since the October 18, 2021, meeting.


On Monday, April 20, 2020, the Town Commission approved a Major Modification to Site Plan 09/19-001 for a Sales Office and Administration Building for the Water Oak Country Club Estates. As part of the approval of the modification, a Memorandum of Understanding was concurrently executed with Sun Communities Finance, LLP to provide a period of 18 months for the addition of two wells to effectively reach minimum fire flow requirements.

Pursuant to Item 6 of the Memorandum of Understanding, no less than 30 days in advance of the expiration date the owners could appeal to the Town Commission for an extension of the agreement upon providing justification as to why all conditions could not be met in the afforded timeframe of 18 months.   The initial 18-month term expired on October 20, 2021.  Prior to the expiration, the applicant submitted a letter dated September 17, 2021, to the Growth Management Department requesting an extension of the Memorandum of Understanding for an additional 18 months.

On October 5, 2021, a justification statement was submitted by Daniel R. Gibbs, PE of Atwell stating that, “Due to impacts and uncertainty from the Covid-19 pandemic, many Sun Communities expansions were paused in order for Sun to focus on core business resulting in a delay to the construction of the phase where the Water Treatment Plant is located. The pandemic has also greatly increased engineering and approval times, construction costs, and material availability, as well as a continuing backlog as additional stakeholders recover from the Covid pandemic.” Mr. Gibbs further asserts that, “While the site does not currently meet the commercial fire flow requirements, the area does meet the residential fire flow requirements. The Sales Center and Administration Buildings are relatively small and located only a [half] mile from a Lake County Fire Station. Should a fire occur, the response time from the Fire Station would be as short as it possibly could be.”

At the October 18, 2021, meeting, the Town Commission granted an extension of 90 days.  In a letter addressed to Sheri Woodworth of Sun Communities Finance, LP dated November 4, 2021, it was stated that prior to January 20, 2022, the applicant shall appear before the Town Commission to report on the status of the project and provide reason for an additional extension to potentially be considered.

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