Commission Meeting Agenda Item

Agenda Item

Consideration of Sewer Utility Agreement with Benchmark


Public Works - Utilities

Approve the Sewer Utility Agreement with Benchmark utilizing Utilities Impact Fees.


The Town’s current Wastewater Master Plan identified priority projects to ensure the current wastewater collection and treatment systems meet current and future needs.  Currently the top priority project is correcting the “bottleneck” situation with Pump Station #7 and Pump Station #6 and extending the main collection line that serves the entire north end of Town from the southwest corner of Fennell Blvd to Griffin Avenue along CR 25.  This proposed agreement accomplishes the task and is mutually beneficial to the developer and the Town. The developer has agreed to fund all the “soft” costs including the engineering, design, regulatory permitting, and any due Utility Impact Fees for the proposed Lady Lake Apartments project. Benchmark is also donating the easement area on their property for the new collection line. This agreement will expedite the project, reduce the Town’s project costs significantly, and ensure that any future developments on the north side of Town will be able to be served by Town Sewer.  The Town’s potion of the costs will be offset by the Sewer Impact Fees collected for the Lady Lake Apartments Project. This agreement has been reviewed and approved by the Town Attorney.  The Town Engineer and Town Auditor have also approved the use of Utility Impact fees for this project.

Fiscal Impact

$350,000 estimated for Town portion of project

Source of Funding

Utilities Impact Fees

Funding Account