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Agenda Item

Consideration for Lot Split – Christina Lloyd – Pursuant to Chapter 8, Section 8-4). b)., Requesting Lot 7 of the Hidden Oaks Subdivision, a .35-acre parcel zoned RS-3 and identified by alternate key number 3620259, be split into two lots; one lot being approximately 8,500 square feet to be aggregated into property addressed as 1101 Teal Lane, and the other being 6,552 square feet in area to be aggregated into property addressed as 209 Shannon Lane.


Growth Management

Staff recommends approval of the Lot Split Request as presented.


On Wednesday, February 9, 2022, a Lot Split application was filed with the Town of Lady Lake by Christina Lloyd, property owner of a vacant lot, requesting the parcel be split into two lots. The general location of the parcel is approximately 440 linear feet west of April Hills Boulevard and approximately 130 linear feet northeast of the intersection of Shannon Lane and Teal Lane; being Lot 7 of the Hidden Oaks Subdivision.

The parcel is mostly cleared with just a few trees growing along its northern boundary. The subject parcel was recently purchased by the property owner from Craig Hegstrom Builder, LLC on December 3, 2021, with the intention to aggregate the property with another lot.

The applicant has proposed that once the parcel is split, each half of the lot, one being approximately 8,500 SF and the other 6,552 SF in area, would then later be aggregated into addresses 1101 Teal Lane and 209 Shannon Lane respectively.

The subject property is in Section 28, Township 18 South, Range 24 East, in Lake County, Florida. The appropriate legal description, a location map, and a sketch of the property was included with the submitted application.

Ms. Lloyd contacted Town Staff requesting whether Lot 7 of the Hidden Oaks Subdivision could be split into two so that each half lot can be added later to the parcels in front, thus making each of those lots bigger. The proposal would comply with the RS-3 Zoning District requirements, since 1101 Teal Lane would become 21,538 SF (or .494 acres) and 209 Shannon Lane would become 18,090 SF (or .415 acres).

Ms. Lloyd has stated that her existing address at 1101 Teal Lane is just barely .30 acres of land which meets the code minimum requirement on lot size, but her lot is still one of the smaller properties within the Hidden Oaks Subdivision. When taking into consideration that her property is a corner-lot and the required setbacks, the developable and useful area of her property is greatly reduced.

The subdivision’s 10-foot drainage and utility easements are located upon abutting cul-de-sacs, streets, and exterior roads; therefore, there are no easement conflicts found in this proposal. Additionally, as requested by our Public Work’s Department, Ms. Lloyd will be providing the Town a 15-foot Utilities and Ingress/Egress Easement along 85.15 linear feet on the northern boundary of Lot 7. Please see draft easement document attached.

Ms. Lloyd will be submitting Lot Aggregation applications provided that she gains approval by the Town Commission of the Lot Split application. Once approved, she will be selling the other half to the next-door neighbor Carol Napierala, so that property can be put into her name once she submits for the Lot Aggregation.


The Technical Review Committee found the Lot Split application ready for transmittal to the Town Commission for final consideration.

The Planning and Zoning Board does not review Lot Splits.

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