Commission Meeting Agenda Item

Agenda Item

Discussion and Direction on Needed Repairs to the Museum/Train Depot Roof


Parks and Recreation

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The Parks and Recreation Director is seeking direction from this Commission on which avenue to take with the roof at the Historical Society.  We have two options.  The first option is to seal the roof at a price of around $5,000.00.  The second option is to replace the 40-year-old roof at an estimated price of $35-$40k.  I secured around $10k from Covid Funds to have the roof sealed to try to stop the deterioration.  We have a lot of rot that will have to be fixed.  The ends of the trusses are showing rot and the plywood is showing rot.  Some of the metal panels are rusting through. The last roofer I was getting a quote from would not give me a quote to seal it due to the condition.  I have had the request to replace the roof removed from my budget over the years and am seeking which avenue that we want to take for this 140-year-old building.

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