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Conceptual Presentation for the Smith-Anderson Parcels — Proposing to Annex, Amend the Future Land Use, and Rezone Approximately 24.75 Acres from Lake County Agriculture (A) to Lady Lake Residential Planned Unit Development (PUD) to Develop a Single-Family Dwellings Subdivision Consisting Of 49 single-family residences and 80 townhomes, Property Owned by Carl A, Smith Trustee, William Anderson and Alfreida Anderson, Referenced by Alternate Key Numbers 1283264, 1283329, and 3907338.

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Growth Management

Staff recommends advancing the proposal as recommended by the Town Commission.


On Monday, April 25, 2022, applicant Chuck C. Hiott with Halff Associates, Inc., submitted a request to Town Staff for a proposal to annex, amend the future land use, and rezone approximately 24.75 acres of land east of Rolling Acres Road, property being approximately a mile south of the intersection of Rolling Acres Road and Highway 466, and just over 5/6 of a mile north of the intersection of Rolling Acres Road and Lake Ella Road.


The applicant would like to proceed with rezoning to Residential Planned Unit Development (PUD) to establish a 129-unit single family dwelling subdivision and amend the future land use to Lady Lake Single Family Medium Density (SF-MD):

  • There will be 49 Single Family Residences and 80 Townhomes within the proposed subdivision
  • The proposed typical lot for the Single-Family Residences is 50 feet by 120 feet or 6,000 square feet in area
  • There will be a total of 14 Townhome Buildings:
  • 12 townhome buildings will be 120-foot by 130-foot to create a total of 72 units
  • Two townhome buildings will be 90-foot by 120-foot to create a total of 8 units
  • Each townhome will be 2,400 square feet in area

A Landscaping Buffer Class “A” (10-foot landscaping buffer) is proposed to be provided along Rolling Acres Road and a six-foot vinyl fence along the north, south and east boundary lines. Due to the clustering, the applicant will also be providing approximately 29.10 percent of open spaces or 6.75 acres, a substantial increase compared to the required 25 percent or 5.81 acres. The proposed density is roughly 5.21 dwelling units per acre.

Setbacks are expected to be 25 feet for the front-yard, five feet on the side yards, zero side-yard setbacks for Townhomes, and 10 feet for the primary rear setback. Accessory rear yard setback will be established as five feet for pool enclosures, screen rooms, sheds, and similar.

The proposal requires Annexing, Amending the Future Land Use, and Rezoning three parcels, and then submitting for Single-Family Residence Subdivision Plat Plans (Preliminary, Construction, and then Final Plat) before homes can be erected. The applicant will be coordinating with Town staff to make provision of Water and Sewer facilities to serve the development. Additionally, road improvements will be required for Sunshower Lane, and the applicant will be working with Lake County Public Works and Town Staff to identify requirements. This 129-unit project is expected to generate 1,111 daily trips, of which 87 are AM Peak hour and 106 are PM Peak hour trips.

At this time, the applicant would like to get some feedback from the Town Commission regarding the proposal before moving forward. The Single-Family Dwelling Plat Plan Layout is included with the packet.

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To be determined.

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