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Consideration of Approval to Distribute a Request for Proposal for Building Official Services, Plan Review, Building Inspections and Related Support Services

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Growth Management

Staff recommends approval of the Request to distribute a Request for Proposal for Building Official Services, Plan Review, Building Inspections, and Related Support Services.


On September 21, 2016, the Town of Lady Lake entered a contract with M.T. Causley to provide Building Inspection Services, Building Plan Review Services, and Building Official Services for the Town of Lady Lake for a tw0-year term, with a provision for two one-year extension options. The Town exercised both extension options, and the original contract with M.T. Causley, LLC expired in September of 2020.

In September of 2020, in lieu of releasing another RFP, the Town utilized the terms of an existing contract with Medley, Florida to retain M.T. Causley, LLC as the Town's building services provider for an additional two-year period through September of 2022.

Given that six years have elapsed and that the Town of Lady Lake is currently underway with the budget preparations for the next fiscal year, the Growth Management Department in coordination with the Town Clerk’s Office, believes that it is appropriate to circulate a Request for Proposal for these services once again in an effort to ensure that the Town is paying the going rate for these services. Upon receipt of the proposals, the Town may elect to utilize another agency for these services or retain the current provider under a new contract should they be a respondent to the RFP. The RFP as it will be circulated is attached.


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