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Presentation and Consideration of Fiber Wide-Area-Network Master Plan by Magellan Advisors

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Information Technology

Approval of the Fiber Wide-Area-Network Master Plan prepared by Magellan Advisors.


The Town has been engaged with the Florida Department of Transportation, Metric Engineering, and Southland Construction, Inc. since late 2019 to construct underground fiber communications conduit during the 27/441 road widening project. When completed, this project will provide fiber conduit and associated pull boxes and handholds along the length of the construction project, from Lake Ella Road to Avenida Central.

The Town has also been engaged with Danella Construction since late 2019 to construct underground fiber conduit between Town Hall and the Fuel Depot, the Library and Well Site 1, and from 27/441 to the Public Works campus on Skyline Dr.

This past December, the Town engaged with Magellan Advisors to prepare a Fiber Master Plan for the purpose of interconnecting all our facilities and utilities infrastructure.

Courtney Violette, COO of Magellan Advisors is present this evening to present this plan for Town Commission consideration of acceptance.


Total estimated cost of $2,252,989, averaging $225,300 each year for ten years.




The cost is to be divided evenly between the Other Government Services (OGS), Water and Sewer accounts each fiscal year.


At the July 18, 2016, workshop it was the consensus of the Commission by a vote of 3-2 for staff to move forward with contacting Magellan Associates to prepare a cost for the development of a comprehensive broadband design and technical plan for the Town.

At the June 24, 2019, workshop, the Commission indicated that they were in favor of contracting with FDOT to install fiber conduit during the road construction project and requested that this item come before them at a regular meeting.

At the August 5, 2019, meeting the Commission voted 5 to 0 to approve the Metric Engineering proposal to design fiber optic infrastructure to be installed during the upcoming highway 27/441 road widening project. The approved design cost was $49,361.14 with a not-to-exceed $500,000 construction cost.

Also at the August 5, 2019, meeting the Commission voted 5-0 to approve the mutual agreement with Danella Construction to provide fiber optic infrastructure services at multiple Town locations.

On December 1, 2019, $203,805.89 was placed in escrow with the Florida Department of Financial Services for the estimated cost of the 27/441 fiber optic conduit construction.