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Agenda Item

Budget Transfers and Budget Adjustments to the Fiscal Year 2021-2022

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To Adjust the FY2021-22 budget for Police cars purchased with CARES money received in FY2020-2021 but the cars delivered in FY 2021-2022. CARES money rolled up to the Committed Asset Fund after year end.

To Adjust the FY 2021-2022 budget for Moritz Donation for the K-9 dog and the K-9 vehicle.

Informational only-Town Manager approved transfers within the Police Budget to balance line items.


Town accepted CARES money on July 19, 2021, and approved spending.

Town accepted Moritz donation on January 3, 2022

Fiscal Impact

$96,437 effect on budget

$34,292 transfers within Police budget, no effect on budget

Source of Funding

Committed Asset Funds (CARES)

K-9 Donations

Funding Account

300.00 Funds