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Write-Off of Utility Accounts Receivable Deemed Uncollectible

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Staff Recommends approval to write-off $5,763.01 of Utility accounts receivable as bad debts.


Attached is a list of accounts to be written-off. The accounts are tenants of which by Florida Law cannot be held against the landlords nor can the town put a lien on the property. If approved for write-off, these accounts will be added to a list that the Customer Service Representatives maintain for possible collection if the customer returns to the Town and requests utility services in the future. The last time accounts were approved for write-off was 2019. The breakdown of the amounts to be written off are by service and type as follows:


Water                    $ 2,855.64

Sewer                   $     927.40

Facility Fees       $     940.78

Billing Fees         $     312.26

Utility Tax           $     251.93

Late Fees             $     400.00

Misc. Fees            $       75.00

Total                     $ 5,763.01

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