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Consideration of Extending Towing and Recovery Services with Kling Towing for one year

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Staff recommends approval of a contract extension with Kling Towing.


In September 2017, the Town Commission approved entering into a contract with Kling Towing and Recovery, Inc. to provide towing and recovery services for the Town. That initial term expired on September 30, 2018. The agreement allowed for two additional two-year extensions upon approval of the Town Commission. Those extensions will expire on October 1, 2022 and staff would like to extend the contract for one more year. Kling Towing has provided effective service and has met all expectations. They will still make payment of $5,000 for the annual franchise fee.

Town Attorney Schroth reviewed and approved the original agreement. In the case of this one-time extension, Mr. Schroth also said “it is not necessary to issue a new RFP if the Chief is happy with Kling’s services. He just needs to propose to the Commission that the contract be extended.”

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Kling Towing

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