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Ordinance 2022-15 — First Reading – Rezoning - SK Hammock Oaks LLC, Douglas A. Hill, Sr. Life Estate, and Levon and Sarah Mears — Amending Zoning Entitlements for Property being Approximately 421 Acres Located South of County Road 466 and East of Cherry Lake Road in Lake County, Florida, zoned Town of Lady Lake Planned Unit Development - Mixed Use PUD; Referenced by Alternate Key Numbers 1279810, 3325451, 1279801, 1770700, 1279828, 1279780, 1279763, 1770670, 1770661, 1771498, and 1770653

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Growth Management

Staff recommends approval of Ordinance 2022-15.


Applicant Greg Beliveau of LPG Urban and Regional Planners, Inc., on behalf of the Douglas A. Hill, Sr. Life Estate, Levon and Sarah Mears, and SK Hammock Oaks LLC is requesting to amend the zoning entitlements of properties located south of County Road 466 and east of Cherry Lake Road, which includes approximately 421 acres within the Town of Lady Lake limits, presently zoned Planned Unit Development (PUD).

The rezoning application was received on Monday, August 29, 2022, and has been reviewed and determined to be complete, satisfying the necessary criteria as required to meet the requirements of the Land Development Regulations as well as the adopted Comprehensive Plan. The application is ready for consideration by the Town Commission.

The property was rezoned PUD Under Ordinance 2021-25 on February 23, 2022. However, discussions that occurred during the second and final reading of the ordinance which pertained to the uses on the property did not get incorporated into the ordinance and subsequently were not recorded with the Lake County Clerk of the Courts. Therefore, the applicant has reapplied to memorialize those entitlements at this time.

The applicant again proposes to develop a mixed-use project consisting of 120,000 square feet of commercial uses, 15,000 square feet of Medical Office, 3,000 square feet of General Office/medical, 940 units of Single Family residential, 330 multi-family apartments, 216 townhome units and 56.3 acres of Parks and Amenities. Under Item 2 of the Memorandum of Agreement, a list of the proposed Commercial Permitted Uses is listed.

The applicant has provided a conceptual plan detailing the layout of the entire development and the uses and densities within the property.

Type Proposal
Single Family Residential 940 units
Multi-Family Apartments 330 units
Townhome 216 units
General Office 3,000 SF
Medical Office 15,000 SF
Commercial 120,000 SF


Lady Lake Planned Unit Development

Properties Adjacent to the proposed development:

Directions Zoning Designation
North Lady Lake – Planned Unit Development (PUD) Planned Commercial (CP) Mixed Residential Medium Density (MX-8) Public Facilities District (PFD)
East Lake County - Agricultural Residential (AR), Planned Unit Development, and Agriculture (A)
South Lake County - Agriculture (A)
West Sumter County- Planned Commercial and Residential


Within the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) the following uses are permitted as Special Exception Uses Upon Approval pursuant to Chapter 6 of the Town’s Land Development Regulations.

  1. A) Athletic/sports facilities.
  2. B) Mini-storage warehouses.
  3. C) Offset printing.
  4. D) Wholesalers and distributors.
  5. E) Office/warehouse facilities.
  6. E) Laundry and Dry-Cleaning Retail Stores.
  7. F) Clubs, lodges, and fraternal organizations.
  8. G) Hotel

Also, added to the MOA is the language that the operation of any restaurant shall be limited to between the hours of 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. which was discussed and agreed upon, but was not recorded under Ordinance 2021-25.

Notices to inform the surrounding 77 property owners within 150 feet of the property of the proposed rezoning were mailed on Monday, August 29, 2022. The property was also posted on Monday, August 29, 2022.

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Past Actions

The Technical Review Committee found that Ordinance 2022-15 was ready for transmittal to the Planning and Zoning Board.

At the September 12, 2022 meeting, the Planning and Zoning Board voted 4-0 to forward Ordinance 2022-15 to the Town Commission with the recommendation of approval.

Public Hearings

The Second and Final Hearing of Ordinance 2022-15 is scheduled for Monday, October 17, 2022, at 6:00 p.m.


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