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Discussion of allowing the Villages Elementary School Advisory Council to place sponsorship signs on the fence adjacent to Rolling Acres Road to raise funds for the elementary school’s programs (Tabled from the November 21, 2022 meeting).

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Growth Management

Staff recommends proceeding in accordance with the desire of the Town Commission.


On Thursday, November 9, 2022, the Growth Management Director received a memo from Luis Hernandez, on behalf of the Villages Elementary School Advisory Council, to allow for the placement of signs on the fence along Rolling Acres Road in an effort to raise funds for school programs. Similar fundraising efforts have been implemented at other school facilities according to Mr. Hernandez, and he would like the Town Commission to consider granting permission for the Villages Elementary School to benefit from this method of fundraising.

Mr. Hernandez’s memorandum has been included for your review and consideration. Upon the direction of the Town Commission, staff will draft guidelines regarding the design and size specifications of the signs that would be allowed in association with the program if a majority of the Commission is receptive to Mr. Hernandez’s request.

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