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Providing exempt status to the Lion’s Club allowing them to utilize the Community Building and Library meeting rooms at no cost.

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Town Manager

Discussion to determine if the Commission would like to move forward with the drafting of an ordinance allowing the Lion’s Club to be exempt from fees when using the Community Building or Library meeting rooms.


Commission Procedures for Granting Exempt Status and Partial Exempt Status:

Any other not-for-profit group may request exempt status or partial exempt status by the Town Commission. The Town Commission may determine exempt status in its sole discretion after a duly noticed Commission meeting by resolution or ordinance. The Town may revoke any not-for-profit group’s exempt status at any time by resolution or ordinance. As part of the Town Commission’s determination, the Town Commission should indicate whether a group’s exempt status means that the group pays a reduced fee (partial exempt status) or pays no fee (exempt status) after the Commission considers the not-for-profit group’s request at the public hearing.