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Discussion regarding Code of Ordinances Chapter 3 - Alcoholic Beverages, specifically section 3.2- Hours of sale and operation.

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Police Department

Staff is seeking Commission approval to restrict the hours of sale for alcoholic beverages to be changed from 7:00 am – 2:00 am to 7:00 am to midnight.


The purpose of this ordinance amendment is to shorten the hours establishments are permitted to sell, serve or permit to consume alcoholic beverages. This restriction would be for all businesses holding a license from the state for the sale of alcoholic beverages within the town limits. If the commission prefers, this restriction can be solely for restaurants and bars. Other establishments such as stores within gas stations would still be able to sell alcoholic beverages until 2:00 am. Currently, Sumter County and the City of Wildwood have hours for alcohol sales from 7:00 am until 12:00 midnight except for New Year’s Eve where they allow sales until 2:00 am in Sumter County and in Wildwood until 1:00 am.

There is a trend of increased patronage between midnight until the close of some establishments, many times after 2:00 am. Officers on patrol have reported that crowds will continue to come to these establishments right up until 2:00 am. Increased incidents and reported crime between midnight and 2:00 am are problematic and have become a public safety issue.

If the Commission agrees with staff’s request, Ordinance 2012-05 will be modified and brought back before the Commission for adoption after two public hearings.

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