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Consideration of Awarding RFP 2023-001 to Fox Enterprises to Provide Grant Administration Services and RFQ 2023-001 to Mittauer & Associates to Provide Engineering Services for the Small Cities Community Development Block Grant that the Town was Awarded in December 2022.

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Public Works

Staff recommends awarding RFP 2023-001 to Fox Enterprises and RFQ 2023-001 to Mittauer & Associates in order to move forward with contracting.



The Town applied for FFY 2021/2022 CDBG Neighborhood Revitalization Funding last summer and were awarded $750,000 of funding through the CDBG program on December 21, 2022. At the February 6, 2023 meeting, the Commission approved the request to advertise bid documents for engineering services and for a grant administrator to comply with CDBG requirements. Both Fox Enterprises and Mittauer will be paid out of the $750,000 grant plus the Town’s match of $50,000.

Both RFQ 2023-001 (Engineering Services) and RFP 2023-001 (Grant Administration Services) were advertised in the Orlando Sentinel on February 12, 2023 and posted on DemandStar on February 14, 2023. In addition to those two postings, the advertisement was sent via email to approximately 4,000 minority owned companies in our region.

We received only one response to each bid. For RFQ 2023-001, Mittauer & Associates was the sole bidder and RFP 2023-001, Fox Enterprises was the sole bidder. The Town has worked with both organizations in the past with great success and they are well versed in the CDBG process.