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Consideration of Ordinance 2023-04, Amending Ordinance 2012-05, Chapter 3, Section 3-2 of the Code of Ordinances Regulating the Time for Sale of Alcoholic and Intoxicating Beverages.

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Police Department

Approval of Ordinance 2023-04


At the April 3, 2023 commission meeting, Chief Tempesta asked for commission input regarding hours of operation for businesses serving alcohol with the goal of shortening the hours establishments are permitted to sell, serve or permit to consume alcoholic beverages. This restriction would be for all businesses holding a license from the state for the sale of alcoholic beverages within the town limits. This restriction would not apply to businesses whose licenses allow for package sales as those sales would be permitted during regular operating hours.

At the April 17, 2023 meeting, Ordinance 2023-02 was denied. The majority of the Commission felt as though establishments should stop serving alcohol at midnight rather than 11:00 pm. Town Attorney Schroth said a new ordinance will be presented at the May 1st meeting indicating a closing time of midnight instead of 11pm. This will be the first reading.

Increased incidents and reported crime between midnight and 2:00 am are problematic and have become a public safety issue.