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Consideration of Approval to Readvertise a Request for Proposals (RFP) for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software

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Finance, Human Resources, and Information Technology

Staff recommends approval to readvertise an RFP for ERP software.


Staff desires to readvertise an RFP for the purpose of replacing the Town’s current ERP software.

This RFP is to purchase or otherwise acquire the rights for ERP software and any professional services necessary for its implementation.

Certain elements of the Town’s enterprise business software are very old. Staff anticipates that an investment in modern enterprise business software will improve our current business operations efficiency and customer (citizen) experience.

The scope of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software includes all financial business processes related to asset management, accounts payable and receivable, budget preparation, general ledger, inventory, projects, grant management, and purchasing. It also includes all human resources business processes related to employee and benefits management, payroll, and time entry.

Staff plan to begin the implementation of the enterprise resources planning software in January 2024 and are anticipating an 18-month implementation schedule.

Staff previously advertised a similar RFP (2021-0003) in May 2021. Three vendors submitted, one was elevated during the selection process, but later rejected during the reference check process.

Fiscal Impact

Estimated advertisement cost: $300.

(Project cost estimated at $500,000 in fiscal year 2024)

Source of Funding

General Fund

Funding Accounts

The project expense is to be divided between these three accounts:

001-1301-513-4915 (Finance) 50%

001-1302-516-4915 (Human Resources) 20%

401-3301-533-4915 (Public Works — Water) 30%