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Ordinance 2023-15- First Reading) Consideration of Request to Permit Signs Advertising Town Events to be placed in the right-of-way in Lady Lake and to allow Sponsorship Banners that Face the Roadway.

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Parks & Recreation

Approval to allow signs to be placed on Town property to advertise upcoming events and to allow sponsorship signs to face the road.


Our Land Development Regulations state that signs are prohibited in the right-of-way with certain exemptions. The Town sponsors many events that benefit the entire community, so I am requesting that Town staff be permitted to place 24-inch x 18-inch signs in right-of-way locations and that they be exempted from permitting requirements. The signs are effective in providing directions and information for events.

Further, sponsorship banners have proven to be a huge revenue source for sports leagues and having them facing the street would give them more visibility with a higher likelihood of purchases by sponsors.

Permission to modify Ordinance 2020-01 of the Land Development Regulations is being requested to permit 24-inch x 18-inch signs in the right-of-way to advertise Town events and allow sponsorship banners to face the road. The signs could be placed in the rights-of-ways up to ten days prior to an event and one day prior to recurring weekly events. Signs must be removed within 48 hours after the event has concluded.