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Discussion regarding the location of the 4th of July 2024 fireworks

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Parks & Recreation Department

Discussion only


The Parks and Recreation Department is seeking directions as to the location for the fireworks event in 2024.  We will not have the ability to shoot off the fireworks at the same location that we were able to in 2023.  This was the perfect location!  The only other spot where we will have the ability to shoot off a similar show would be the soccer fields or the driving range.  My goal would be to have the event at Guava and the fireworks shot off from the soccer fields with little to no spectators in the park.  Remember that we need at least a 600 ft distance from spectators.  The viewing areas for this location are limited as we will not have the vast parking lots that we had from the shopping centers.  Another option would be to have smaller fireworks on the driving range and have the event on the soccer fields.  Keep in mind that The Rolling Acres Sports Complex is limited with parking and the entrance and exit will be challenging.  I am open to any and all ideas.