Commission Meeting Minutes

Draft Minutes of the January 18, 2023 Commission Meeting, 6 PM

The regular meeting of the Lady Lake Town Commission was held in the Commission Chambers at Lady Lake Town Hall, 409 Fennell Blvd., Lady Lake, Florida, with Mayor Rietz presiding.

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m.


Pastor Keith Johnson – Chapel of Christian Faith

Pledge of Allegiance

Led by Mayor Rietz

Roll Call

Commissioner (Ward) Present
Hannan (Four) YES
Kussard (One) YES
Gourlie (Two) YES
Freeman (Three) YES
Rietz (Five) YES


Bill Lawrence, Town Manager; Thad Carroll, Growth Management Director; Wendy Then, Senior Planner; Rebecca Higgins, Development Coordinator; C.T. Eagle, Public Works Director; Aly Herman, Library Director; Rob Tempesta, Police Chief; Nancy Wilson, Town Clerk

Derek Schroth, Town Attorney was also in attendance.

Mayor Rietz joined Lori Blum from the Orange Blossom Gardens Lions Club to make a presentation to the Commission. Ms. Blum said that the OBG Lions Club has shared the driving range with the Town for 20+ years. The Lions Club has benefited from that and they would like to return the favor. To show their appreciation, Ms. Blum said they have purchased the naming rights for the 2023 Fireworks display on the 4th of July. She handed the Mayor their second $10,000 check to be used for that event.


1. January 4, 2023 – Town Commission Meeting Minutes

2. Consideration of approval for a contract with Mittauer & Associates, Inc., for preparation of the Water Supply Facilities Work Plan for the Town of Lady Lake as required per Chapter 163, Florida Statutes (F.S.).

Commissioner Kussard made a motion to approve the Consent Agenda as presented; Commissioner Gourlie seconded. Motion carried 5-0.


3. Consideration of Approval for the Rolling Acres Reserve Apartments New Major Site Plan - MJSP 07/22-002 - Proposing a 92-unit Multi-family Apartment Complex amongst six buildings and featuring 183 parking spaces, Lift Station, Trash Compactor and Landscaping Buffers, on an 8.12-acre parcel zoned Light Commercial, owned by Rolling Acres Club III Investment Partners LLC, and identified by Alternate Key 1279861.

Growth Management Director Carroll summarized the new major site plan for the Rolling Acres Reserve Apartments. The property is located on Highway 466, a quarter mile west of Rolling Acres Road and it is currently vacant land. The use is compatible with other zoning in the area. The developer is establishing access to the site via a cross-access easement on the neighboring property to connect to the Rolling Acres Apartments.

The 92-unit apartment complex will consist of four studio units, sixty 1-bedroom units and twenty-eight 2-bedroom units and will be serviced by Town utilities.

Mr. Carroll summarized other details of the application such as stormwater, traffic, design standards and landscaping waivers. It was found that the landscaping buffer along the north elevation only provided understory trees instead of the required number of canopy trees. Power lines would make it difficult for canopy trees to grow to their full potential in that area so more understory trees will be planted. The applicant is providing approximately 640 tree caliper inches in canopy trees and 321 tree caliper inches in understory trees on the property.

The Commission agreed by consensus (4-1, Kussard dissenting) to approve the Rolling Acres Reserve Apartments New Major Site Plan.

4. Consideration of the American Cancer Society to Utilize the Rolling Acres Sports Complex Soccer Fields for the Annual Relay for Life and to Waive the Rental Fees Associated with the Event.

Parks and Recreation Director Mike Burske said the American Cancer Society is asking to once again host Relay for Life at the Soccer Fields on April 15th. The times will be from 1PM-9PM. The same schedule as last year. This is not a Town event; it is run by the American Cancer Society and those who support and raise funds for this event. This event was a small event last year and he predicts that it will be small again this year. They are also asking for a waiver of rental fees.

Jessica Combs from the American Cancer Society said they would like to run the event again this year. There will not be a concert but there will be a D.J. It is a family event with the goal being to raise money to fight cancer. The dinner is for cancer survivors and their caregivers at no charge and will be held between 5pm – 6pm. The Relay for Life event will be run between 6pm – 9pm.

The Commission agreed by consensus (5-0) to allow the American Cancer Society to use the soccer fields on April 15th and to waive the rental fees.

5. Discussion of the Lady Lake Farmers Market to be Run by the Lady Lake Parks and Recreation Department.

Parks and Recreation Director Mike Burske said that the Lady Lake Parks and Recreation Department will begin running the Lady Lake Farmers Market on February 14, 2023. The location for the Market will be the Rolling Acres Sports Complex. The Market attracted a large number of vendors and patrons when it was at this location. He is proposing to charge $25.00 per day or $20.00 per day if paid one month at a time. The proposed hours for the Market will be from 9AM-2PM with set-up beginning at 7:30AM and will run from October until May. The summer months historically have been very slow for the Market and he sees no reason to host a slow event. Mr. Burske will run and organize the event with assistance from his staff when necessary.

Commissioner Gourlie asked if anybody is allowed to participate and what can be sold. Mr. Burske answered that anybody can participate. Items must be farm items, homemade or handcrafted. The Town will abide by the Home Sweet Home Act of 2021. The application lists all the criteria.

The Commission agreed by consensus (5-0) to allow the Lady Lake Farmers Market to be run by the Parks & Recreation Department at the Rolling Acres Sports Complex.


6. Ordinance 2023-01 – First Reading - An Ordinance Amending Chapter 2, Article VI, Division 3 of the Town of Lady Lake Code of Ordinances; Deleting and Replacing Ordinance 2021-12 in its Entirety; Setting Forth New Procedures for the use of the Town’s Community Building and Library Meeting Rooms, Establishing Fees, Deposits, Limitations and Exemptions on Rentals, Providing for Regulations; Enforcement and Penalties; Providing for Severability; Providing for Repeal of Conflicting Ordinances and Resolutions; Providing for an Effective Date

Parks and Recreation Director Mike Burske said that the Parks and Recreation Director, the Library Director, and the Town Clerk modified the existing ordinance relating to the Library and Community Building facility rentals. At the December 5, 2022 Commission meeting, Lori Blum from the Orange Blossom Lion’s Club, asked to be given exempt status from rental fees when using the Community Building and Library meeting rooms. The Commission voted to grant exempt status to organizations that provide a service to the town which includes the Lion’s Club, the Kiwanis Club and the Supervisor of Elections. All other groups will be given 30 days’ notice that their exempt or partially exempt status is being revoked. The deposit required to use the Community Building is being increased by $50 but hourly rates will be kept the same. Other housekeeping changes were made that can be reviewed in the attached draft. Mr. Burske pointed out the he will have four hour minimums on Friday, Saturday and Sunday rentals in order to maximize revenue.

Commissioner Kussard made a motion to approve Ordinance 2023-01 on first reading as presented; Commissioner Gourlie seconded.

Commissioner (Ward) Present
Hannan (Four) YES
Kussard (One) YES
Gourlie (Two) YES
Freeman (Three) YES
Rietz (Five) YES

Motion carried 5-0.


Town Manager Lawrence announced that the annual Mock Commission Meeting with the Villages Charter School will take place on January 26th, beginning at 9 am. This gives students the opportunity to learn about municipal government. There will be a few changes this year to better manage the schedule.

The Town Manager said the architect who has drawn up plans for the library renovation would like to make a presentation to the Commission. The consensus is for the meeting to take place on Tuesday, February 28th at 4 pm.

Regarding the previous weeks manager’s report, Mr. Lawrence said it was impressive reading how much Town staff accomplished in 2022. Without Commission approval, there would not have been such a long list of accomplishments. Hiring Aly Herman as the Library Director was a notable accomplishment.


Commissioner Hannan stated that he is concerned about traffic, and it is only going to get worse. He wants to stop all major developments because the roads cannot handle it

Commissioner Kussard complimented the manager’s weekly report adding that the Town has a wonderful team of employees, and she thanked them.

Commissioner Freeman said that in 2022, changing the terms of elections was discussed; he wondered what happened with that. Commissioner Kussard explained that she is not in favor of four-year terms because the Commission could be stuck with someone undesirable for four instead of just two years. The Town Clerk stated that she could place the topic on the next agenda.

The Commission agreed by consensus (4-1, Kussard dissenting) to place the consideration of election terms on the February 6, 2023 agenda.

Mayor Rietz announced that 463 breakfasts were served at the American Legion and another breakfast will be held there on February 11th. The cost is $8. He also stated that he worked one day at the driving range and sold a lot of golf balls.


Leslie DeCesare – Lady Lake Chamber of Commerce

Ms. DeCesare gave an update on the proceeds from the Mac & Cheese Festival in 2022. Using those proceeds, the Chamber recently delivered a basket full of GoPro cameras and equipment for filming school activities. She reminded the Commission of the Chambers upcoming annual dinner.

Jeanne Lazo – Lady Lake Chamber of Commerce

Ms. Lazo stated that the GoPros cost about $1,600 so the Chamber added some money for the purchase from their own outreach funds. She said the Chamber also wanted to donate to the upcoming 4th of July fireworks fund and she presented a check to the Commission in the amount of $2,400. Ms. Lazo is now President of the Lady Lake Chamber of Commerce.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 6:42 p.m.

Nancy Wilson, Town Clerk

Jim Rietz, Mayor