RFP 2021-03 Pre-proposal Meeting Question and Answer Addendum

Commercial Building Permits

RFP 2021-0003 Pre-proposal Meeting Question and Answer Addendum

Last Updated: May 26, 2021 at 4 PM EST

1. How many utility accounts does the Town of Lady Lake have?

The Town has approximately 2,700 Utility accounts currently.

2. Does the Town require modules for inventory and work orders?

Modules for inventory and work orders are optional requirements for this RFP.

3. Does the Town prefer a hosted or an on-premises solution?

The Town will accept proposals for either solution but prefers a hosted solution.

4. Will the time entry solution be expected to replace the Town’s current Aladtec time entry software?

We will consider replacement time entry solutions. The Town intends to keep its Aladtec advanced scheduling software for the Police Department and requires the proposed payroll solution to interface with it.

5. Is billing performed monthly for all accounts (residential and commercial)?

Billing is performed monthly for all accounts.

6. Do you bill stormwater in addition to water, wastewater and garbage?

The Town bills for water, wastewater, and reuse service. Garbage is not billed directly, as it goes on the tax bill.

7. Would the Town like mobile field service capabilities for "service orders" generated out of the CIS utility billing system? If so, how many field technicians currently execute service orders in the field?

Yes. We currently have three field technicians facilitating service orders in the field.

8. How is the bill printing currently handled? Is there an outsourced bill print provider where a file export is sent for print and mail?

Bill printing is outsourced to Enco Utility Services. We export a file each month from our HTE application and share that with Enco.

9. Would the town like the Utility Billing System (CIS) to integrate with GIS (ESRI) to expose data layers within the CIS?

The proposer would need to demonstrate the value of this feature to the Town.

10. Does the town currently manage a backflow program? If so, are you looking for the utility software to help manage the backflow or cross connections program? How many backflow assemblies are currently being managed?

Yes, the Town currently manages a backflow program using Tokay software. We are open to considering other software if the proposer can demonstrate greater value or workflow efficiency. We have 1381 sites and 1808 assemblies in place.

11. Who is the Town's current payment processor? Is the Town open to exploring a new payment processor as part of this procurement?

Our current payment processor is Paymentus. We are not looking to replace Paymentus.

12. The RFP mentions submitting an electronic copy of the proposal on a USB drive in a sealed package. Are we to submit only a USB drive?

All submissions should be sent to the Lady Lake Town Clerk at 409 Fennell Blvd. Lady Lake, FL 32159. Your proposal should be on a USB drive.

13. Would the Town entertain a two-week extension on the proposal submittal due date?

Due date for responses to the RFP is June 8, 2021. No extensions will be granted.


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